[blockquote cite=”Caroline Nocton Campaigns Manager Volvo Car UK” type=”left”]Matt’s obsession with the user experience, coupled with technological genius and a large dose of creativity made him an invaluable digital campaign partner. [/blockquote]

[blockquote cite=”Pete Wootton | Managing Director | Dennis Interactive” type=”right”]Matt has been instrumental in building a new business from scratch. Without his vision and irrepressible energy, Adnostic would not have been conceived or gone on to be the UK’s leading HTML5 production agency in the space of a few short months. He is talented, quick to learn and inspiring to work alongside. The kind of employee who makes a real difference to your business.[/blockquote]

[blockquote cite=”James Tye, CEO Dennis Publishing” type=”left”]Matt has an incredible talent when it comes to digital design. He understands how to bring a creative project to life and then enhances it with his considerable knowledge of front-end development and HTML expertise. It is this mix of creativity and digital skills, allied with a strong commercial sense of what a client is looking for, that has made him pivotal to Adnostic’s meteoric success.[/blockquote]

[blockquote cite=”Craig Smith, Mindshare Business Director – Publishing” type=”right”]Since meeting Matt around a year ago the progress I have seen across Adnostic as an entity and the opportunities available to advertisers is astounding.

From an overarching view its clear for most to see that the ‘young’ market tablet advertising and ad creation is has suffered from multiple blocks. Whether this be transparency on data, knowledge of capabilities or education of benefits agencies and therefore advertisers have been tentative to progress. Along with a great team at Adnostic Matt has managed to showcase the qualities and abilities of the market whilst also taking on a lead role om its evolution.

Whether it be directly with clients, media or creative agencies Matts detail and focus has helped to bring next generation tablet advertising not just 1 step closer but several. A mix of honesty and desire to improve the market Matt is held in high esteem as a go to person for all stakeholders mentioned above and continues to help us grow our own businesses as well as his own.

Quite simply, a few more like minded approaches would accelerate the market further[/blockquote]