How to solve the challenges of raising the overall User Experience and addressing the major inconstancies in UI across a suite of products and services.

Alchemy Design System

Answer: Create a Design system.

Long answer: Create a scalable design system in order to address acute inconsistencies in UX / UI across a suite of products built by globally distributed and siloed teams. Also create workflow fuelled by product requirements to advance and maintain the Design system in line with business objectives.

Steps on the journey:


  • Run UI audit of existing interfaces (both web and windows native in this case)
  • Generate buy-in with senior stakeholders and key teams to gain traction.
  • Create process with engineering and product to plan future design system development
  • Build multi-disciplinary team to design and build the system
  • instigate a cross team workflow to power development and best service the design system

Within six months of conceiving the plan products were starting to use beta versions of the system and it’s elements , within a year it was the de-facto approach and tool for all on going application development.