Adnostic HTML Creatives

Adnostic has produced hundreds of HTML creatives focussing on full page interstitials which are delivered in Newspaper and Magazine apps on tablet and mobile. With a focus on delivering a great brand UX these had to function seemlessly across various pubisher app platforms, operating systems and screen sizes.


Gamification is a a collection of techniques that utilise core drives people experience and act upon when playing games to aid intuition and encourage interaction in a products processes.


Build excitement and anticipation for the future release of the redesigned Honda Civic Type-R, making sure to convey the rough-around-the-edges spirit and feisty attitude of the car.

“Playing chicken” with the car tests user reaction times. Taunts from the game and the offer to share their score via Twitter keeps competitive streaks alive and users engaged playing multiple times.

Foo Fighters

Deliver exclusive Foo Fighters video content and create the first interactive music industry digital magazine campaign

Adnostic created a 3D cube puzzle within with 9 outcomes revealing 9 videos.

The campaign achieved a 4% CTR and 3% puzzle completion rate. Gamification works…


Essential to both encouraging interaction, informing that there is ‘more fun to be had’ and adding context users progress and navigation.


Sometimes there is no scope for interaction in the brief! With Expedia we were able to expand upon the TVC creatives using dynamic/kinetic typography techniques – however using purely code (and fairly cutting edge SVG animation at that!) and no video we could also run 3 separate creatives in one file to maximise the media spend.


With EasyJet we could bring the print creatives to life within the responsive unit – and also include several creatives in one unit.


I always evangelised the KPI of user interaction over clickthroughs when it comes to rich media, the most useful measurement: a great UX being most analagous to great brand experience.


One of our most interactive and successful creatives, a multitude of animation techniques combined with product showcase and ability for user to draw in the mirror is still a high water mark in the rich media field for me.


The user is enticed in by animation and then encouraged to move the sun and change the scene as well as explore the features of the car.

Interactive Video

The medium with the most growth over the last few years - and counting - mobile video is all pervasive but can also be used in combination with interaction to involve the user more actively.


With several waypoints along the course of the TVC the user can also see the full length versions for each title featured.


Here a loop of the first few frames was created in code to draw the user in before showing the reel and then showcasing features.

Content Rich

The rich media creative can be a virtual microsite when it comes to depth of content - as ever it's how that is presented and how the user is encouraged to expolre which is the challenge.


Here a 3D cube with potentially infinite sides was the vehicle for several pieces of content – editorial, pictorial, video and 360.


Two videos, a gallery and a 360 were well explored according the the analytics here – the intuitive but not intrusive navigation is the key here.