The Adnostic years


How to build a successful digital rich media creation
and production agency, from scratch…

Adnostic: A digital agency created to solve the challenges of creating and delivering responsive HTML rich media to run in multiple proprietary app platforms, OS, devices and retain a profit margin with an emphasis focussing on creating a measurably excellent user and brand experience.

All good businesses need to solve challenges for their users/clients, in this sphere, these are:

Need to monetise their content offerings with existing and new clients
Media agencies:
Need to deliver measurable creative to multiple platforms.
Creative Agencies
Need to adapt to creating HTML based creative.

These goals were met with a focus on collaboration between agencies and media owners and employment of adapted Agile and LEAN UX approaches both on a macro (Process) and Micro (individual creative) levels.

Over 3 years adnostic has created hundreds of HTML rich media creatives delivered to over 60 brands, received several awards and enjoyed a great reputation in the industry.