About me

In hindsight the combination of designing and coding interactive content is an obvious choice of career for someone who had always been fascinated equally by both the visual arts and the unstoppable progress of human endeavour in science and technology.

And so it proved, I pursued both disciplines as new web technologies leaped from desktop to laptop to palm of your hand.

And whilst at Dennis publishings interactive department I soon discovered that the real frontier – in terms of using cutting edge techniques wether in code itself or the newly coined terminologies of UI and UX – lay in the field of advertising. A new motivation soon took hold – let’s make advertising that doesn’t suck. This was an opportunity to bring to bear some of the traits of web development world – Agile, Lean UX – to the land of Rich media and Content marketing.

Having quickly over taken my initial ambition of being a senior interactive designer and I ‘overshot’ into the world of management and client facing roles. Now I was leveraging my love of interaction design with another pleasure – interacting with people from the wider world: Agencies, media owners and clients, each with their own challenges at the same frontier. Here I could add the wider business strategy and rationale to the whole picture whilst retaining the lessons from the design and development frontline.

Still looking for new challenges to push myself I then had the opportunity to combine all previous experiences and launch a new agency in the digital marketing space: Adnostic. Here I was able to do everything from scratch: Design the logo, hire the staff, devise the P&L, develop the processes, sell the agency and it’s unique approach to Media Agencies, Media Owners, Creative agencies AdTech partners and creative agencies alike – and write the theme tune ….. OK, I didn’t write a theme but had some ideas there – I’ve always been a frustrated musician…

And now? Perhaps it’s time to take this appetite, and experience to another challenge,

…perhaps a Senior Digital Role that requires a theme tune – I remain a frustrated guitarist.